Dear Mom & Dad
You are well aware about the fact that my school life is going to end soon. After giving my board exam in march and getting my result, I will skip into my new life. I know very well that it wil be full of challenges and will be an adventurous journey but all I need is your blessings and whole hearted support. A journey without difficulties and hardships is not admirable but what we need is a determined courage and a bit of confidence to deal with every phase of life. Well said – “sum of efforts done day in and day out is the key to success and achieving heights.” I know you have sacrificed your whole life to make me reach heights of success and now a bit more years of struggle and hardships are left to make me go and stand on my own feet. I hope your kind hearted support and belief will always stay with me and will act as a strong weapon for me, to fight against the whole world.
16 years