Mom & and Dad
Time runs, it never stops and as time changes , so does the generation. With time, the mentality of the people and society are bound to change . This change cannot be stopped , but can be understood . I understand that you have many tensions as parents and me being the most important one . I am trying my best to score well this time and I do understand the gravity of the situation that how tensed you are about my future. People say this generation does not care about anything , but they don't realise the amount of pressure we go through. Don't pressurise me so much. I get it from college and when I come home , from you. It is not easy to tackle everything and also can't see when you stress yourself time & again over this matter as your child and I do not enjoy being compared to others. Please understand that everyone has their own capabilities & not everyone is the same. I am , who I am and don't want to be anyone else. Comparing does not help me in any way . It is possible to concentrate with music and it is not distracting, in fact it helps us more so kindly stop asking me to turn it off again and again.