My loving mom and dad
I am going to share my feeling in this letter. I feel that mom you take a lot of stress when my exams come near , you don't allow me to play with friends and just say read , read and read , mom you only explain how much I can read. There is a capacity also for reading. I cannot read for 10 hours in a day nor can I read at late night so please don't force me to read at late night because that gives me a lot of stress. I know you are worried about my future but I think when exams are near and if we watch TV for one four then it will not decrease my percentage. I also need some time to play with friends. After all DR. A.P.J ABDUL KALAM said that when I remember my childhood I remember which I spent with my friends. So mom please try to understand my point and be assured that I will always try my best to deliver in the exam and make you feel proud.