Dear Parents
I know you provide constant & unconditional support all the time regardless of my performance. I know, you too along with me feel the pressure and tensions of my examinations as if you were going to write. I am very much thankful for your care and concerns towards my career and educational life. At this time, my life begins to revolve around a flurry of tuitions and tuition teachers, strict time tables and academics. There sits a high level of pressure on my brain all the days and nights. Yes, I agree I shouldn’t have any distractions from my study hours. But please try to discriminate between the distraction and relaxations. I can’t shout at you and tell that my brain is hanged. I can’t study anymore. We, as children and students expect you to guide us properly while exams but not to be as a additional pressure with many restrictions. We require a breakthrough and some fun time even if it’s just 15 minutes. Please understand playing some time, listening to music, conversation with friends all are some relaxations not deviations. We too have some goals to be achieved and we try hard not to distract ourselves. So request you not to make me feel some tensed and try to understand my problems and please try to help me out in controlling my emotions while examinations.

16 years