To Mom and Dad
Time runs, it never stops and as time changes so does generation. With time, the mentality of the people and society are bound to change. This change cannot be stopped, but can be understood. I understand that you have so many tensions as parents and me being the most important one. I am trying my best to score well this time and I do understand the gravity of the situation that how tensed you are about my future. People say this generation does not care about anything, but they don’t realize the amount of pressure we go through. Don’t pressurize me so much. I get it from college and when I come home from you. It is not easy to tackle everything and also can’t see when you stress yourself time and again over this matter. I are you child and I do not enjoy being compared to others. Please understand that everyone has their own capabilities and not everyone is the same. I am who I am and don’t want to be anyone else. Comparing doesn’t help me in any way. Few habits you might not encourage, but that is the way we people prefer it. It is possible to concentrate with music on. It is not distracting; in fact it helps us more. So kindly stop asking me to turn it off again and again. We are old enough to decide a few things and we know how to take care of ourselves. It is safe enough so please let me go out with friends in the evenings. Participating in extra-curricular activities help in building being our personality and gives us exposure. Being supportive & encouraging to join forums and clubs would really help us. One of the major things parents usually think distracts us is my phone. It is just helping me to communicate, explore and keeps me updated. Please stop taking it away. You really don’t need to keep a check on me every now and then and lecturing me. We stay outside and eating outside eventually becomes more often. Please do not restrict me so much, we can balance it. It’s a new generation and new thinking and would appreciate a lot if you would help us through it.

17 years