Dear Akka & Amma
Hope you all are fine. I am fine too. My dear parents I am writing this letter to tell you something regarding my exams and your behavior during those times. As you know exams are coming; my study leave begins, please don’t put me under your pressure cooker. That hurts me a lot. The unnecessary tensions that you gave me during the past years exam has now become a nightmare. We children are also free minded and always ready to face exams. But that’s possible only if you encourage us from your part. May be because you love us a lot that you always push us for studying but it does nothing rather than giving pressure. Why can’t you show you care in the form of some valuable advices? Some soothing words will help us a lot rather than that push you give us. Whatever be the past, from today onwards, you both should change the way you treat me during exams. Make me strong instead of making me afraid of exams. Don’t bother about other student’s scores, it’s up to the capacity of everyone. So don’t compare with others. Don’t feel bad ok. Love you both.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,
17 years