Hi Mom/Pappa
I want you to be like friends. I know that you are very much caring and bothered about me and my future, however in examination time; I find it very difficult to spend time since you are repeatedly asking me to study. So please mom and papa trust me and I know what I am going through and I know how it’s important for me to study for a bright future. Since I am in Plus Two it’s the very crucial stage in my career and so it is important for me too.

I am grateful for parents like you, but still I would say please stay calm and give us some time to be on track. Also give us time to break from the studies and go out with friends and movies. This would not have an adverse effect on our studies rather this would definitely make us refreshed and give us more interest in studies.

I am nobody to make a suggestion on what you do. But still I would request you to please understand us and be friendlier.

17 years