Dear Parents
I know education is important for me and I also know the pros and cons of not studying or scoring well, so please there is no need to remind me again and again. I also want you to let me play my favorite video and outdoor games when I don’t have exams as it makes me feel better and more active. I don’t want you to boast about my marks in front of our relatives as it makes me feel uncomfortable. I know you expect a lot from me and I truly will fulfill your wish, but I still need some encouragement from your side when I score less than others.

Please allow me to go out with friends as these memories stay forever and some masti is necessary in life. Let me eat unlimited food while studying and don't give excuses like I'm going to be fat. Don’t force me to study when I don’t feel like. Take less temper tests on me as I can't control my anger sometimes.

16 years