Teenagers have a lot to cope up with, especially
during the exams when they are under a lot of
stress to perform well. With constant comparison,
students feel even more stressed, and it can even
leave a lasting, negative impact on them. Let’s help
the students overcome this anxiety, let’s talk
positive, and pledge to help #ReleaseThePressure.
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Students, especially when taking their board exams, are under a lot of pressure to perform well and excel in their exams. We have found that exam pressure is one of the leading sources of stress amongst students. The "Release The Pressure" campaign aims to bring forward this issue and help people realize the amount of pressure teens are under, by asking them to pledge their support towards the movement. To know more, watch our film or visit our social handles

Mirinda India is a brand that is primarily consumed by the youth. We spoke to teenagers & realized that they are under exam pressure. So while marks are important, we felt the need to ask is pressure as important? Hence we hope that with Mirinda’s message of “No more pressurepanti, Only Pagalpanti”, teens will feel encouraged to take a momentary break in the middle of hours of continuous study. Mirinda urges everyone to join us in our resolve to #ReleaseThePressure on teens during exams.

The objective of this initiative is to bring forward the fact that teens sometimes have a negative impact when they are compared with others. Each child has strengths and weakness which make them unique from others.

This is an initiative by Mirinda in association with Fortis hospitals where we aim to provide expert advice to teenagers and parents. The helpline number 08376804102 is monitored by psychologists 24*7. If you want to learn constructive ways of encouraging your teenager (as a parent) or if you are a teenager facing an issue, feel free to reach out to the helpline and seek help.

One of the major causes of pressure is exam stress that children go through. Our team of experts will be happy to help you with any queries you may have. You can reach our Fortis-Mirinda helpline number at 08376804102.

We understand that you compare your child with other children to encourage him, but sometimes comparison adds pressure. Each child is unique in his/her own way, therefore, we encourage parents show unconditional support to their kids. To discover more constructive ways of encouraging your teenagers, call Mirinda-Fortis Helpline +91 8376804102.

It's your time to make a change and #ReleaseThePressure. Share this video with your loved ones and help them #ReleaseThePressure.